Welcome to the Youth Providers Database created by the Stewardship Council and Foundation for Youth Investment!

We heard the need for outdoor youth providers to find each other to discover more opportunities for youth to engage with the outdoors, and to map a pipeline for continued outdoor engagement.

We responded by developing the Outdoor Providers Database over several months in collaboration with leaders and experts in outdoor education, recreation, and youth development fields. The result is a common platform for providers to network and link successive outdoor engagement opportunities, partners and programs. We are excited to share this tool with the field to make a positive difference in getting youth outdoors.

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How to Use This Site

Input your program in the database so other programs and providers can connect with you.

Find programs by region, characteristics, and youth demographics to find a successive program for the youth you serve.

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The Outdoor Youth Providers network welcomes your program data and input to best serve the field. Please share this database and ask your partner organizations to join.

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